Wow! What a start! Europe in the log!

Oh wow! That was an amazing start.
But first let me start from the beginning: I was informed that there will be a NET being regularly on 20 and 15 so I joined the already on the first evening of having installed my equipment. As 15 didnt work well 20m was doing a really good job. Many callsigns worked where you dream of normally from Europe. Contacts with 3D2, FK, YJ and of course VK etc.
After that I stayed on 20m and the first pile up began with a lot of stations from Japan and Russia calling. Soon I started with split. And all of a sudden Europe appeared loud and clear. I never had thought that would be possible with my wire antenna. DL, SP, OH, HA, UT etc. all in the Log. It was the time between 0600 and 0730 UTC. So be prepared for that in Europe and watch the cluster.

Gracias a Tony OA4DX por realizar este diseno